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Home Sweet Home…

December 2, 2012

Life had taken its turn as I started earning for my living. I am still in the Chennai city, happy that I am not far away from my home. Chennai can be both the Hell and Heaven for the bachelors :).

I was very much waiting for my weekend visit to my hometown ‘Cuddalore’, it was like a child waiting for its chocolate. What a creation the human mind is… The word Chocolate had reminded me of the loads of sweets and savouries that I had during Diwali which had just passed this year. Still the thought of my mom’s food at home had already occupied my mind Since Thursday.

I am back to my home, sweet home, at 4:00 AM in the morning, and had a good sleep. Me and my mom planned to visit my grandfather in Panruti(very famous for its Jackfruits and Cashewnuts).

The jerk of the bus would usually make me sleep fast like a child responding for his mom’s lullaby, but not his time. As the road pierced through villages diving the houses aside, I was enjoying the scenary outside. I saw children playing besides the road. But they are very careful that they should not cross the ‘Lakshman Rekha’ put down by their moms. I still remember my chilhood when I used to get my mom’s hand print on my back :).

The recent cyclone (humans called it as ‘Thane’) had made devastating damage to these villages, many lost their property, their ripen fields. But these less polluted villages had the advantage of rejuvenating themselves quickly. It is greener all over…

Though the time had gone past 10 in the mornning, I could still feel the same greenery and the morning fresh air. These are the best things which make the life different from Chennai. As of today, I have not still seen the sunrise or sunset for the past few months of my life in Chennai. What a machine life !

Thandhana thandhana thaanaa… Swargamae endraalum… adhu nammoora pola varumaa?

Film review – Nadodigal

June 29, 2009

The film starts with these words, which is its theme:

“My friend’s friend is also my friend…”

I went to the film-without any expectations-just to enjoy a day out with my friends. But at the end, I felt I didn’t waste Rs.50 🙂


Sasi kumar’s acting, Heroine’s innocence, Comedy of Kanja karuppu and ‘kalloori’ guy and especially ‘Chinna koundar’ politician.

Sasi kumar’s sister – Though she is deaf and dumb, her acting was really good.

The characters and the story’s screenplay can be very much related to real life.

Nadodigal, as a whole, adorned with nice camera angles, insists everyone to be honest in their life.


Since Samudhrakani, director of this film, is also a mega serial director, he could not hide his unwanted lengthy shots :).

My Autograph

April 30, 2009



Auto + Graph = Autograph


It has been a long time posted in this blog. So, came up with this creative idea 🙂

I dedicate this post to my college friends, especially to my friends in CSE department. 🙂

Dream-Dare-Do 🙂

A memorable Saturday

April 2, 2009

I was very much excited and was waiting for the last Saturday, both to get my original degree certificate as well as to meet my college friends. I reserved the train tickets a month earlier along with Pandhu Bala.

Since I was staying in hostel during my college days, I had many friends in the hostel. I met many of them in the train in which I was travelling. I didnt expect such a huge crowd in the same train :). The excitement got triggered even more.

I reached Sai’s home the next morning, which was really a surprise to Sai. I fooled him that I wont come to the meet. I saw ‘Asadu Vazhiyum Moonji’ (none other than Sai) when I opened his door. Soon Sairam, Vins and Nachi joined me at Sai’s home.

We reached the college through bikes. I met all of my friends there except a few. After getting the degree certificate, I moved on the other departments to see other friends.

I was really excited to see Immu kutti(Immanuel) and Saravanan. I joined my hostel group to have my lunch at Chakravarthi. Then I joined Sairam, Nari, Sai and Nachi at Nachi’s home. We played Cricket in Sairam’s home ground 🙂 We lost two balls and so we ended the game.

After that, I had to leave Madurai and my friends 😦 I was almost weeping to leave such an wonderful moment beside. I really miss my friends and Madurai… I am eagerly looking forward for the next get together…

Into Cognizant :)

February 15, 2009

After a long wait for my date of joining, I have joined Cognizant last monday which is 9th of February,  and the five days at Cognizant were over. The training starts from 16th of February.  I have landed in Chennai for the first time, and have to be used to living there. I will definitely miss my home town and my home too 😦

Man of deeds

October 19, 2008

I have an opinion about Sachin Tendulkar, as a man of deeds and not a man of words. Here are a few examples that I came to know.Brad Hogg dismissed Sachin for the first time and asked signature in the ball. This was like a disgracing action for Sachin. But Sachin signed him with the quote “This will never happen again”. It was because of his determination, which kept his written statement true till now. I think it will not happen again, as there is no chance of Brad Hogg to return to the international cricket again :).

Then, before the second test match of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy test series, Sachin was about to set the world record of highest run scorer in test cricket, which he missed at Sri Lanka and in the first match of this series.

While speaking to the media before the second test, Bret Lee said the media that “He(Sachin) will not set the world record in this series”. But, Sachin stood silent, and created the world record the next day itself.

Do you accept my words now ? 🙂

The Run Machine :)

October 19, 2008
The first day of the second test match of Border-Gavaskar Trophy was one of the memorable days in the Cricket history, when the maestro, Sachin Tendulkar, created a world record of the highest runscorer in test cricket. He gone past the score of 11953 runs set by Brian Lara.

It was a great moment to see in the TV, though I could not book a ticket to the match :). Do you know ? The match got suspended for few minutes due to over noise produced by the crackers blazed up by the fans :).

‘The Little Master’, when asked about creating many world records, he said, “I have not played keeping in mind, the thought of creating world records, but I thought of using my experience and strategies in the game to play for the team, which made me create records.”

Many expected the record to be set at Sri Lanka, in the previous test series against Sri Lanka. Being a fan of him, I was very happy that the record was set while playing against the World No.1 cricket team, Australia :), in India.

As a fan, I expect cool-headed Sachin to score atleast 50 centuries in ODI cricket and test cricket 🙂

Experience at Employment Office

October 15, 2008

Atlast I decided to register my BECSE degree in the employment office. I came to know that I can register at my district office too and went there. Everyone was waiting for the office to get opened. As usual/unusual, the office was opened by 10:15am, fifteen minutes late of the opening time.

The first problem I faced there is my shyness to strangers. I will not admit myself to seek other person’s introduction. But, I was reverse in practice. I soon got a stranger as partner there. After this experience, I almost lost that shyness, really 🙂

I was waiting in the enquiry counter in a long queue, to query about my need(to register for my degree). There was no one in the enquiry counter, there was no chair laid for the officer too, which means, the counter will not be treated for its purpose. I came to know this only after 30 minutes. Then I asked the office assistant and he directed me to an officer/clerk(I dont know what his post is, but all of the applicants must see him to seek any action).

I stood up in another queue, waiting for my turn. Finally, the clerk said me that I should apply at Chennai, and I should wait till 11:30am, to get the instructions. I did so, as others did too. There was one full hour for 11:30. I was talking to my new partner and was skimming through various notices on the wall. Suddenly, I found a notice holding the intructions for registering BE. After reading it, I found that I can apply here itself, and I need two attested copies of my original certificates.

I am short of an attested copy of one of those certificates. I went to the nearby ITI and got that too. When I returned back, it was 11:35 and again contacted the office assistant. Now I was forwarded to the same clerk. I was waiting there for a long time in the queue and got his instructions. He gave us an application form to register, we filled up, and then he signed them after getting our address details in a separate sheet of paper. At every stage of this process, we were asked to wait for 15 minutes.

When he signed the applications, he forced us to meet the Junior Employment Officer soon, because she might go off to have her lunch. She had to sign the applications, after which the registration process will get over. By the time we headed her table(at 1:35pm), she ordered us to wait until she comes back from lunch, after 2:00pm. No way, we had to wait. Even after she came back at 2:45pm, she again ordered us to wait for a while, to attend the others waiting. Finally, she signed the application and I left the office at 3:30 pm.

Woof! I have registered my BE degree. To know the things behind the scenes click here.

Follower of Gilli ?

October 12, 2008

Brad Haddin, the new wicket-keeper for the cricket team Australia. I was seeing the first test match of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy. In the first innings of India(at the end of day 2), I saw Haddin collecting the ball, after Sehwag nicked it. I thought he was out. But Haddin admitted that he didnt catch the ball. This incident made me think a while.

Every cricket commentator, or a serious audience of cricket will know Adam Gilchrist as a honest person on the field. He proved his honesty at many moments, may be it the time when he walks to the pavilion despite the umpire’s decision as ‘not out’, may be it the time when he admits that he has not caught the ball through from the bat.

As Haddin admitted that he didnt catch the ball, he made me think whether he is honest or not. There may be two reasons for this incident. One, being in the place of Gilchrist(a wicket-keeping batsman), he is forced to follow the same character as Gilli on the field, so that he may get the name like Gilli. Second, he is really honest. I could not come to a conclusion about his behaviour till now, as future will comment on it. If the latter becomes true, I really ask sorry from him for doubting his character/behaviour/*. Also, no doubt, I can say, he has understood the spirit of the game. Lets hope for the latter, what do you say Haddin ? 🙂

Happy Birthday Gandhiji :)

October 2, 2008

Gandhi is a man of great energy, who changed the fate of India, helping her to live freely. Many people say many things about Gandhiji. He was named “Mahatma”, and “The Father of our Nation”, for his great contribution to Indian freedom struggle, which riped its fruit on August, 15, 1947. I even heard others arguing against him, still there are some. I still believe that the reason for our independence was mainly due to his behaviour and works. Even if he died before 1947, we might have got indepence. But this would have been achieved only by following his ways.

There is extra-ordinary internal energy in every individual. An individual dies when he cannot make use of his energy. The reason for the great leaders, scientists, etc. to become so is that they somehow made use of their energy. How did Gandhi utilized those energies ? It is because of his daily prayers. Through those prayers, he got enormous concentration, which increased the energy level in him. This is the same energy which makes everyone to become successful in their life. We can make better use of this energy when we involve in our works with a greater concentration.

Besides approaching him as a freedom fighter, it would be the best to portray him as a good social reformer. I am refering his principles and his faith in God. His way of life, ‘Truth’ and ‘Ahimsa’, words that must be followed by every individual living human in this world.

Have you ever thought why are you not true to others ? I bet you will not find a good reason. Why should not everyone speak ‘truth’, and be true to others. Being untrue will definitely lead you to the debris. You are spoiling others in the society, no doubt, you are spoiling yourselves too. Slowly, you are wasting your energy in doing harm to others.

Ahimsa, not only means that no one should harm others. Instead, everyone should love the people living in their society. Just, have a try to love others, be patient and dont get angry with others. It is really not possible if you dont know the real meaning of truth and ahimsa. You need a great level of patience to attain them.

Gandhi, who was the follower of truth and ahimsa in his life, has done social reforms too by changing the minds of many people who lived with them. He is still a reformer, maturing the minds of many people (like me :). It was the lack of these qualities which led many societies in the world, even from the known or unknown civilizations, to their bad destinations. Do you want to repeat the same mistake again ?

So, try to follow these principles:

– Always speak truth, at any occasion/situation. 

– Try to be patient at any situation.

– Atleast dont disgrace those who are true.

Delhikku raja-naalum gandhi solla thattaadhae… 🙂

Note: Dont miss to see the English film, “Gandhi”.