Home Sweet Home…

Life had taken its turn as I started earning for my living. I am still in the Chennai city, happy that I am not far away from my home. Chennai can be both the Hell and Heaven for the bachelors :).

I was very much waiting for my weekend visit to my hometown ‘Cuddalore’, it was like a child waiting for its chocolate. What a creation the human mind is… The word Chocolate had reminded me of the loads of sweets and savouries that I had during Diwali which had just passed this year. Still the thought of my mom’s food at home had already occupied my mind Since Thursday.

I am back to my home, sweet home, at 4:00 AM in the morning, and had a good sleep. Me and my mom planned to visit my grandfather in Panruti(very famous for its Jackfruits and Cashewnuts).

The jerk of the bus would usually make me sleep fast like a child responding for his mom’s lullaby, but not his time. As the road pierced through villages diving the houses aside, I was enjoying the scenary outside. I saw children playing besides the road. But they are very careful that they should not cross the ‘Lakshman Rekha’ put down by their moms. I still remember my chilhood when I used to get my mom’s hand print on my back :).

The recent cyclone (humans called it as ‘Thane’) had made devastating damage to these villages, many lost their property, their ripen fields. But these less polluted villages had the advantage of rejuvenating themselves quickly. It is greener all over…

Though the time had gone past 10 in the mornning, I could still feel the same greenery and the morning fresh air. These are the best things which make the life different from Chennai. As of today, I have not still seen the sunrise or sunset for the past few months of my life in Chennai. What a machine life !

Thandhana thandhana thaanaa… Swargamae endraalum… adhu nammoora pola varumaa?

3 Responses to “Home Sweet Home…”

  1. Guruprasad L Says:

    Welcome back. Very glad to hear from you after a really really long time.

  2. venami Says:

    Yes, it was a very long gap… I have decided not to repeat it 🙂

  3. Senthil Kumaran Says:

    “What a machine life” – We go into it willingly, so can’t complain 🙂 Nice write up…

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