Film review – Nadodigal

The film starts with these words, which is its theme:

“My friend’s friend is also my friend…”

I went to the film-without any expectations-just to enjoy a day out with my friends. But at the end, I felt I didn’t waste Rs.50 🙂


Sasi kumar’s acting, Heroine’s innocence, Comedy of Kanja karuppu and ‘kalloori’ guy and especially ‘Chinna koundar’ politician.

Sasi kumar’s sister – Though she is deaf and dumb, her acting was really good.

The characters and the story’s screenplay can be very much related to real life.

Nadodigal, as a whole, adorned with nice camera angles, insists everyone to be honest in their life.


Since Samudhrakani, director of this film, is also a mega serial director, he could not hide his unwanted lengthy shots :).

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