Run out !

It was in one of the IPL matches when Haiden was run out by Dravid and I am presenting the photograph here.


From this picture, I just could not imagine how he might have been run out. If you see the picture, the ball is touching the keeper’s gloves and the bills are off the stumps. If Haiden is trying to reach the crease, why is he heading in the opposite direction of the stumps?

Could anyone explain me this picture? I am really confused…

3 Responses to “Run out !”

  1. senthilkumaran Says:

    I am not sure whether i am right, but check this out.

    1) I dont see any pitch in front of Hayden. So pitch is actually to the back of Hayden and Dravid. Hayden is running towards the keeper end. The photo seems to be taken from the bowler’s end.

    (Camera angle)

    ||| (Stumps) [Pitch] ||| (Bowler)

    2) I am not sure whether that was out. Actually Hayden seems to be inside the crease, when Dravid has the ball in his hand.

    3) Runouts a lot of things happen, like the bat might be in the air, one inch short, hayden might have dived to that side, while dravid dislodged the stumps before that. I am not sure.

    One thing i am sure is hayden is running in the right direction.

  2. saikrishbe Says:

    That was OUT!

    The throw came from Point, where Dravid was the fielder. It was a direct hit. The keeper was Uthappa and he managed to collect/deflect the ball in /off his gloves after it hit the stumps.

    p.s : Naan dhaan romba vettiya irrukaen nu nenaichaen… I now feel good! 🙂

  3. senthilkumaran Says:

    @Sai: That is called time management, you should never call it as “Vetti” thanam.

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