A memorable Saturday

I was very much excited and was waiting for the last Saturday, both to get my original degree certificate as well as to meet my college friends. I reserved the train tickets a month earlier along with Pandhu Bala.

Since I was staying in hostel during my college days, I had many friends in the hostel. I met many of them in the train in which I was travelling. I didnt expect such a huge crowd in the same train :). The excitement got triggered even more.

I reached Sai’s home the next morning, which was really a surprise to Sai. I fooled him that I wont come to the meet. I saw ‘Asadu Vazhiyum Moonji’ (none other than Sai) when I opened his door. Soon Sairam, Vins and Nachi joined me at Sai’s home.

We reached the college through bikes. I met all of my friends there except a few. After getting the degree certificate, I moved on the other departments to see other friends.

I was really excited to see Immu kutti(Immanuel) and Saravanan. I joined my hostel group to have my lunch at Chakravarthi. Then I joined Sairam, Nari, Sai and Nachi at Nachi’s home. We played Cricket in Sairam’s home ground 🙂 We lost two balls and so we ended the game.

After that, I had to leave Madurai and my friends 😦 I was almost weeping to leave such an wonderful moment beside. I really miss my friends and Madurai… I am eagerly looking forward for the next get together…

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